Non Stick Skull Egg Mold

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Ever Had A Skull For Breakfast?

This Cool Silicone Egg Mold will surely create an early impression.

This Mold is easy to use; just 4 steps:

1.- Heat an oiled/Buttered Pan (everything tastes better with butter)

2.- Place the mold centered in the pan

3.- Break the eggs and place the egg yold inside the skull eye (1 egg per eye) .Like magic the Egg whites will find its way through the mold. Do not forget to add salt

4.- Once the eggs are cooked to your taste pull the mold by holding the Skull nose. 

The  mold is easy to clean and does not keep any smell. 

To clean the Mold Simply put under running water and use antibacterial soap. 

The Material is Food Safe and Made out of Heat-resistnt Silicone Rubber

The other Silicone Mold variants work the same way

This item is NOT available in stores 

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