Beer Bottle Cap Shooter (With Keyring)

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Are You a beer Lover? Don't Just open Your Beer and Throw the Cap, SHOOT IT.

Watch this  New way to open Your Beer Bottle:


      • Opening your favorite drink has just got even more Exciting.
      • Impress your friends and onlookers with this nifty little bottle opener that not only opens your bottles with minimal effort but also doubles up as a cap launcher!
      • With a projection that can span over 5 meters, this is the perfect companion never to be parted from.
      • The Cap Shooter is an ideal gadget for breaking the ice at any party- just make sure your target is oblivious! Pop the cap, aim, fire, then just sit back and enjoy your tasty beverage.
      • Also comes with a convenient key chain suitable for that quick spontaneous launch.
      •  This is the type of gadget that you can buy for yourself or offer it as Gift.

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